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Late Interactive, a collaboration formed in 2016, seeks to create innovative work that is ahead of the curve in terms of technology and aesthetics. With new technology that can be applied to interactive art being released constantly, a major part of Late Interactive’s time is spent on research. In turn, using new technologies allows for new audience experiences which can stimulate the viewer’s mind in unprecedented ways.

The second aim of Late Interactive is to create work that while aiming to be innovative, remains accessible and entertaining to all audiences. This balance is kept in check by not hiding work in art galleries but rather make it available to the public.

Interactivity is always at the core of Late Interactive’s work. While creating work that is pleasing to the eye is essential, it is not enough. An interactive and dynamic element has to be at the core of the work, be it an audience member controlling lights and music with their brain, or a lights operator triggering audio-reactive visuals in real time during an event.

Finally, mobility is the last cornerstone of Late Interactive's work. Creating work that is portable and can travel ensures that Late Interactive's work remains universally accessible, thus allowing it to reach wider audiences.

Late Interactive are:

Andrew Schembri - LED installation art, electronics, physical computing, music interfacing

Toni Gialanzé - design, generative visuals, creative coding, projection mapping