Brainrave is an interactive audiovisual installation which lets you control generative music and visuals using your brain alone. Boasting almost 4,000 addressable RGB LEDs, Brainrave seeks to demystify Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and make something that seems like science fiction become science fact.

When you wear the EEG headset, an algorithm processes the raw EEG waves into meaningful data, in this case the level of concentration/relaxation. The installation includes a concentration meter in the form of an LED ring which helps you control your concentration better. In order to raise the concentration level, you can focus on the meter, perform complex mathematics in your head or simply focus really hard on one thought. On the other hand, relaxation can be achieved by closing your eyes, letting your muscles loose and zoning out the surrounding environment.

This attention level extracted from the headset is then used to manipulate and generate music and visuals through software programmed specifically for this installation. The resulting music is then blasted from a PA system and the visuals are displayed onto the huge array of LEDs for everyone to enjoy... that is until you take off the headset. 

Brainrave is suited for all audiences. We aim to tour music, light, science and art festivals with it as well as schools and hospitals.

Brainrave was originally commissioned by Science in the City, Malta in September 2016.

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Stills and video from footage by  Franco Rizzo

Stills and video from footage by Franco Rizzo